Who we are

PriceMind is a provider of pricing software services and pricing IT solutions. Our customers are companies in industries ranging from retail, distribution to manufacturing. Our consultants have worked for automotive, electric, grocery, optic, fashion, IT, diversified manufacturing (sealings production, furniture…) segments. We are an official partner of Pricefx, a Fast, Felixible and Friendly pricing software provider, which is disrupting the global pricing space. Our consultants have unique hands-on experience in implementing the Pricefx software in Europe and also in US. We offer a full project team capable to implement to tool in shortest time based on the agile approach. PriceMind creates open and partner relationships with its customers, its suppliers and employees. We care about individual approach to each and every relation within our organization.

We support our customers to better use the power of pricing by offering Pricefx software implementations which cover the full loop of pricing environment. We help our customers have

  • a deep insight into pricing, promotions, deals and quotes performance
  • state of art price management facilities, regardless if dynamicly calculated of the fly in the e-commerce business or setting up a periodical price lists or calculated in the CPQ manner reflected in quotes generated by sales persons
  • excellent functionalities to realize the calculated prices and pass them onto the market

Our Experience

We are excited to be a partner of Pricefx since 2016, a company that is revolutionizing the global pricing industry with its fast, flexible, and friendly approach. Our consultants have extensive experience implementing Pricefx's solutions in a number of regions. Our unique combination of technology and pricing experience helps companies make their pricing processes more efficient and enjoyable.

In our team we do have resources who have worked for years for pricing divisions of worldwide companies and who have delivered an outstanding contribution to the margin improvement.

One of the things that sets us apart from other implementation companies is our focus on customer satisfaction. We prioritize providing value to our customers through both the quality of our implementation products and highest standard of agile project management.

Although we have our offices in the heart of Warsaw Old Town and the downtown of Lublin we are set to work in a virtual, remote way assuring a seamless project execution.

Master Data

Designing Pricefx Master Data and Administration

Price Setting

Implementing pricing strategies, pricing algorithms


Analysis of pricing stategy realization, sale results, business intelligence


Managing quoteing

Promotions & Agreements

Desigining promotions & agreements types, conditions and targets realization measures


Implementing rebating strategies and mechanisms to verify their fulfillments

Why Choose Us

Expertise and experience

Our team has extensive experience in implementing and customizing the Pricefx tool.

We strongly cooperate with Pricefx teams. Having a deep understanding of the tool's capabilities we can help you get the most out of it. All our engineers are certified by Pricefx.


We offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and unique requirements of your business.

Whether you are a small business looking to streamline your pricing process or a large corporation seeking to differentiate yourself in your market, we have the capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

Training and support

We help the customer achieve self-sufficiency in price management in Pricefx

During the project we provide full support and training of key users. Our goal is to enable the client to seamlessly take over the tool from our team after implementaion..

Our favorite quote on pricing

"Pricing is the moment of truth – all of marketing comes to focus in the pricing decision."

Professor E. Raymond Corey, Harvard Business School

This is our favorite quote on pricing. Not only that we are simply keen on pricing and marketing themselves. We like the quote also because we have observed in a number of our projects how real the sentence is. There are companies who take advantage of their market position and monetize their competitive edge wherever it is possible. These are successful market players expanding their business and enjoying prosperity. We also have seen a number of companies however who do not fully utilize their market standing because they lack resources, tools and sometimes the courage to fully explore their potential and gain additional margin through professional price management. We have been privileged to work and support both types of them.